• Has a total of 195,000 (250,000 in expert mode) health.
  • Only summonable in the Ocean biome.
  • Immune to: "Confused" and "On Fire!"


  • Works like the Wall of Flesh. If you try to go past it, it will deal lots of damage and throw you away.
  • His tentacles randomly pull you towards himself, before throwing you to your original position, thus dealing so much damage.
  • This Attack also gives you the debuff "Choking" which gives you water bubbles.
  • After this attack, he does a beam attack just like Moon Lord does. (From his eye)
  • He shoots lasers to you all the time (like WoF)
  • When you kill the eyes, it summons 8 True Eyes of Cthulhu.
  • When you kill the hands, it summons 4 True Eyes of Cthulhu.



Shoots lasers. 40,000 Health (50,000 in expert)


See line 5. 35,000 Health (45,000 in expert)


Shoots the beams and lasers. 30,000 Health (45,000 in expert)


90,000 Health (110,000 in expert)

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